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  1. Ponicz - Record Shop VIP VIP

    I think the reason is BS regardless, but to be fair most of his mixdowns were ass too (especially pre-2016)
  2. Barely Alive & Twine - Smash! (Trolley Snatcha Remix)

    intro is still annoying but JESUS
  3. Trampa & Badklaat - Just Like Me

    even though this is essentially just get wicked 2015 i can't help but love it.
  4. Figure - Beware

    Figure - Beware Freebie: I know a lot of people around here like to bash on Figure's stuff, and I agree a lot of his recent tracks have been pretty down hill, but I enjoy this one.
  5. Jay Z & Kanye West - Who Gon' Stop Me (16Bit Remix)

    Mouth literally on the fucking floor
  6. Nero - The Thrill

    i feel like i'm listening to some bad indie rock band
  7. Knife Party - Resistance (Sullivan King Remix)

    I was thinking "this isn't QUITE as bad as the comments are saying" at first, but oh my god then that guitar solo came in. Awful.
  8. Doctor P - Shiskabob

    Everything sounds better in Funtcase's sets because he plays everything at like 145 :P
  9. Bear Grillz - The End Is Nigh (Original Mix)

    this guy must be licking some serious ass to get this 2011 skrillex ripoff sounding garbage released on firepower
  10. Figure - War Call (ft. Del the Funky Homosapien)

    Been waiting for this track for 15 months, and it's FINALLY here! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOO