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  1. Chee - Eddy Morphine

    I think this is my favorite one off of the album. Chee's production quality is insane. https://mixstep.co/xcs046ngx8y3
  2. Xilent - The X

    i love that synth that sounds like a bass drum bouncing around inside a dryer at 0:52
  3. honestly the intro to this song outdid the actual drop for me. soooo epic
  4. EPROM x G Jones - Transform

    this song is just heavy as fuckkkkk love the groove after the first "drop" sample G Jones is one of those artists where i have yet to be disappointed even though i've listened to him for years
  5. Phlegmatic Dogs - Westcoaste

    These guys are awesome!
  6. KillSonik - Never Dream Of Dying

    So good. Love the wubs at the end of some bars. I've missed KillSonik!
  7. Holly & Frost - Web Friendship (Original Mix)

    Agreed, love when it turns melodic would have been cool to hear more
  8. Mr. Frenkie - Bass Symptom

    love how weird this is, and how the build-up doesn't prepare you for the drop at all
  9. RUN DMT & Vorso - Gamma Ray (Original Mix)

    this song is so fuckin cool. love the bass at the "switch"
  10. Metacentric - Sphere

    Was surprised by this one, it's so hard not nod my head along
  11. Skrillex, Dillon Francis - Bun Up The Dance

    Fuck yeh bring back good moombahton
  12. Joss Ryan - A Dark Tale

    my lord... this is amazing
  13. Skism, Habstrakt & Megalodon - Jaguar

    shheewwwwt! love the sounds
  14. MISOGI - Lantana

    This guy is pretty tight
  15. Beatport MP3: http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/vRtmLdV4/file.html This is some funky shit. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.