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  1. Carnage & Vinai - Time For The Techno
  2. Tom Swoon & Wasback & Poli JR - Don't Let Me Go
  3. Hardwell & KSHMR - Power (Extended Mix)

    K, yeah I checked Juno and TraxSource, but could not find it.
  4. VA - Black Label XL 4

    Thank you
  5. VA - Black Label XL 4

    Yeah, you told me, I was solely just discussing about xTrill (I don't know why I don't like it).sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. VA - Black Label XL 4

    I don't understand (if you meant the link I posted, I have removed it) And I am not saying that you leaked it I am just saying that about others, because I see a lot of leaking in dubstep
  7. VA - Black Label XL 4

  8. VA - Black Label XL 4

    But I am not loving people leaking these before release, Piracy is alright but leaking even before they release and make money is just bad
  9. VA - Black Label XL 4

    I love Svdden Death's DR Boy Ball!
  10. Alex Ross ft. Dakota & T-Pain - Dreams

    Yeah, I liked it.
  11. Hardwell & KSHMR - Power (Extended Mix)

    The drops is so good @nickkoko, can you help me find a source which sells radio edit, instrumental mix and extended mix of this song? WAV:
  12. The Gaming Thread

    Playing Spelunky on my PS Vita. (I hacked it via Henkaku ENSO)
  13. How to Use Spoiler Function

    Now this is what we need!!, thanks
  14. DISKORD - War EP

    Thanks for this!
  15. Flux Pavilion & Diskord - Locked In (feat. Flowdan)

    @apocolyps755, can you re-up this?