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    liquid dnb, dnb, jungle, halftime, juke/footwork, neurofunk, computers, ganja and dabs, perfecting my skill

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  1. Mrak - beautiful deception

    coming in cluth again with the tunes, gotta get home to download this one
  2. exactly the style im looking for and a dope song thank you
  3. and that folks is how you blow 100$ on tunes lol fucking dabs!!

  4. Halogenix - Reset

    this shit right here tho............
  5. XAK X AKUA - Hellbenders

    bro that shit has got some serious knock like damn
  6. CeCil - Nasty

    i already reposted in deep house was i not supposed to?
  7. CeCil - Nasty

  8. CeCil - Nasty

    my bad i knew i messed up a few i was trying to do like 5 things at once will move right now
  9. https://mixstep.co/1ngf3lryx6ga https://soundcloud.com/cecilbass https://www.facebook.com/CeCiL.210/
  10. CeCiL-Dab_Out

    https://soundcloud.com/cecilbass https://www.facebook.com/CeCiL.210/ https://mixstep.co/zp1zzmsolmwp

    CeCiL-POP_YA_PUSSY https://soundcloud.com/cecilbass https://www.facebook.com/CeCiL.210/ https://mixstep.co/cog7js3dwzsl
  12. CeCiL-Deep_Funk

    CeCiL-Deep_Funk https://mixstep.co/lshhncw03qy1 https://soundcloud.com/cecilbass https://www.facebook.com/CeCiL.210/
  13. CeCil - Nasty

    https://mixstep.co/4dp7qbaysn2o https://soundcloud.com/cecilbass https://www.facebook.com/CeCiL.210/
  14. https://mixstep.co/6vs5w3qn1xzk Follow Middlemen Digital Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dn... Website: https://middlemendigital.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Middlemendis... Twitter: twitter.com/middlemendigi Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/middlemendigital Additional release info: LABEL: Middlemen Digital ARTIST: Overly Medicated TITLE: Source Field GENRES: Drum & Bass, Halftime DNB CAT: SOURCEFIELD RELEASE DATE: 2017-08-10 TRACKS: 1 Tracklist: 1.) Overly Medicated - Source Field (Original Mix)
  15. Joakuim - Funk As You

    let me know if this is in the wrong genre i wasnt sure exactly where to put it at