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  1. Eminem - Lose Yourself

    classic thanks dog
  2. i like the intro but the chorus is kinda meh. I need to finish the remix of this i started way back it was coming along but then i forgot about it. for the damaged coda by blonde redhead is the actual song

    i went to highschool with most of these kids back in texas
  4. Nostalgia - Ganon

    Andrew has a new project?? WHAT IS IT? How did I not hear about that?
  5. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    I have shown this track to some pretty amazing producers and they all loved it. So agree to disagree on that statement. lol.
  6. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    hes been consistently making dope music go listen back!
  7. I wouldn't really call this future beats / bass but its dope af
  8. Dillon Nathaniel x Kendrick Lamar - Element (Warehouse Bass Edit)

    this is so good! and im not a big house guy
  9. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    AMAZING TRACK Was not sure what to call it genre-wise, am putting here in dubstep due to the drum patterns being pretty 2-step based https://mixstep.co/kzphmgpwblm1 Also, Check out the rest of Oscillator Z's music on SoundCloud! Lots of FREE tracks similar caliber of awesome as this one! www.soundcloud.com/oscillatorz
  10. Made an edit of this swrly flip for DJ sets, basically just changed out the future bass second drop for a repeat of the heavier first drop. DJs grab this fo yo sets if you want it! https://mixstep.co/lf3mh7lo7ey1
  11. FREER - Fuego

    this is wack af and i mean that in the best possible way thanks for this one!
  12. swrly - hey quix, i remixed it

    whats with the crazy non rekordbox compatible bitrate
  13. *Request* Kill Jill - Big Boi, Killer Mike, Jeezy

    Sorry Rick! Totally spaced on doing that. I should know better!
  14. Anybody have this track? Atlanta came out HARD on this one
  15. Rickyxsan - Poppin'

    PLease reup!!!