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    i went to highschool with most of these kids back in texas
  2. Stems – Re-ups & Requests Anyone buy this? Salva released stems to every track on his new Clips album! We def need this on CLLV!
  3. Salva - Clips

    Here is the full high quality .mp3 release of the entire album! If anyone wants/needs the lossless versions just send me a DM and I'll get them to you! Also, If anyone gets the Stems release to this album please share with me! I didn't have $30 to spend on the stems but I had $1 to buy the album haha
  4. Nostalgia - Ganon

    Andrew has a new project?? WHAT IS IT? How did I not hear about that?
  5. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    I have shown this track to some pretty amazing producers and they all loved it. So agree to disagree on that statement. lol.
  6. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    hes been consistently making dope music go listen back!
  7. how did i not hear about this? that busta verse up front is illllll must edit
  8. I wouldn't really call this future beats / bass but its dope af
  9. Dillon Nathaniel x Kendrick Lamar - Element (Warehouse Bass Edit)

    this is so good! and im not a big house guy
  10. Oscillator Z - Vessel

    AMAZING TRACK Was not sure what to call it genre-wise, am putting here in dubstep due to the drum patterns being pretty 2-step based Also, Check out the rest of Oscillator Z's music on SoundCloud! Lots of FREE tracks similar caliber of awesome as this one!
  11. Free DL, made this little diddy for DJ sets but I almost never play it out anymore. Still fun to listen to! Snatch it if you want it!
  12. Made an edit of this swrly flip for DJ sets, basically just changed out the future bass second drop for a repeat of the heavier first drop. DJs grab this fo yo sets if you want it!
  13. Samples/Loops – Re-ups & Requests Did anyone pick up this Sound Lab Vol1 back from X&G?
  14. Feedback on Semi-Pro Theme Remix

    Hey all! So I found stems for and remixed Jackie Moon - Love Me Sexy, or if you dont know that name it is the theme song to the movie semi-pro sung by will ferrell haha. Im basically done with the arrangement I think and am about to start mixing it down. I would love and appreciate some feedback from the cllv fam! Try to look past it being basically unmixed please but I would love to hear what anyone thinks!