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  1. Mampi Swift & Dj Fresh - Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix)

    Was wondering why the intro sounded so familiar. They are identical to the chords in the build of Billain - Specialist.
  2. Mampi Swift & Dj Fresh - Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix)

    Big ups on the WAV.
  3. Eminem - Revival

    Not to worry. Mistakes happen. I've merged the threads. In the future, if you'd like to bring a post to our attention, use the report button which appears at the top right of each post when your cursor is hovering above it.
  4. Koven – With You

    As I suspected.
  5. Koven – With You

    What is your source for this file? The quality is questionable.
  6. Bad Company UK & Trace-Nitrous (Audio Remix)

    Spek checks out, but where on Earth did you get this?
  7. Culprate & Joe Ford - Gaucho (Original Mix)

    Absolutely outstanding
  8. Delta Heavy - Gargantua

    Y'all haven't really heard this track until you've heard Dieselboy drop it live. Oh man.
  9. Snails & Space Laces - Break It Down (feat. Sam King)

    What, no end-of-the-track sample? What is this bullshit.
  10. 1991 - V.H.S.

    This is so fucking good.
  11. Alon Mor & Clockvice - The Fifth Collaje

  12. Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling (Frequent Bootleg)

  13. Frequent - DEILD

    This kid is outstanding. Really looking forward to the full LP.
  14. Louis Mattrs - Bow Down (Sorrow Remix)