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  1. This might fit better in midtempo dubstep btw, since its 100 bpm
  2. it's just fast club right?
  3. big tune, only the spek looks rly meh. The one of document one even more so
  4. i would say uk funky, it's 132 bpm
  5. breaks, because it's about 125 bpm
  6. Is it me, or does the mastering sound a bit off Does anyone have this in lossless?
  7. rick i know she is a respected member and she posts A LOT. But this has been going on for a very long time and she only had one slight ban of a week? Can we please make this stop?
  8. i rly like the tune until 1:15. after that it's garbage
  9. huh weird, it didn't show up in search if a mod can please merge these threads ^^
  10. re-up in wav:
  11. re-up in flac @Killasmoke912
  12. re-up in wav @andskeezle @blancheneige
  13. re-up in flac: @Malice @alemali @djkincaide
  14. in wav. enjoy
  15. re-up in flac: