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  1. Chris Lake - Only One (DJ PP Remix)

    Btw, found it in flac if someone if interested i can up it
  2. Chris Lake - Chest (Original Mix)

    Re-up someone please
  3. Chris Lake - Only One (DJ PP Remix)

    w0000t i didn't know Chris Lake made this song (the original that is). Awesome
  4. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    Meh, drum's=halftime, but the synths are so future bassy that it fits better here
  5. Sqz Me - Fetiche

    Future house imo
  6. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    Nice track, i only think the snare doesn't fit in here at all
  7. Truth & Decoda - The Emperor

    https://mixstep.co/674x6xro9pfg Here re-up in wav again
  8. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices

    Fits progressive house imo. 120 bpm is way to slow for trance anyways
  9. Enei - Crunchy

    I missed this one. Thanks for commenting @Walter Wonkite, ^^
  10. Seba - Warriors

    Quality sounds rly bad
  11. Culprate & Joe Ford - Gaucho (Original Mix)

    Damn, the production level of this tune is ace
  12. DRS – This Ain't Love feat Calibre

    This tune is so amazing.. got it in lossless: https://mixstep.co/104vpmuxeay8
  13. Document One - Pulse

    Might fit better in Neurofunk?
  14. HI-LO - Men On Mars (Extended Mix)

    @djelton big rip off of Bodyrox - yeah yeah
  15. Fisher - Stop It (Original Mix)

    Dirtybird always brings fire