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  1. Silkie - Why Not

    also rly nice bass work on this one
  2. Silkie - Drunken Master

    Nice bass stabs
  3. B-Ju x yunis - Ouala

    Wow how did i miss this, thanks for commenting on this @waxnwayne otherwise i woulden't know of this ^^
  4. Not much electronic going out here but i absolutely love this: Made by a dutch/turkish band. I saw them live a while ago. Makes dem hips wiggle And yes it's rock, but wait until you hear that flute-ish thing <3
  5. Squarewave - Beats From The East EP

    Thanks! did you buy this yourself? If so, could you please also post it in lossless because if you alrdy bought it from bandcamp its free to download in lossless as well ^^
  6. Gesaffelstein Discography

    Thankss! Here is the black brad pitt remix
  7. The speks look rly iffy, where did you get this? And if it's self-bought im most certainly interested in part 2 as well!
  8. Macabre Unit - Man Up

    Nope deep dubstep is correct, the synths are grimey but the beat pattern is more dubstep than grime
  9. Joker - Melkweg Bass

    I LOVE the intro, but the drop isn't doing it for me at all
  10. Troyboi - Do You (OAKK Bootleg)

    i like the drums and percussion, but the original is still way better imo ^^