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  1. Layton Giordani - You're With Me

    this is so hot
  2. Layton Giordani - Turn It Around (Original Mix)

    : O NOooo om agadddddd
  3. Ace of Base - Cruel Summer (Donatello & Arnas D Remix)

    this one is a must!!! THANK YUUUu
  4. Osna - Lobo (Original Mix)

  5. Artefakt - Somatic Dreams

    definitely one of those mellow out tunes after a long night - thank yuuu!!
  6. Anna - Schwarzes Gold (Original Mix)

    very nice!
  7. Super Flu - Jo Gurt (Stephan Bodzin Remix)

    the stephan bodzin rmx is pretty hott but the koze rmx is veryy chill too
  8. Groove Delight - Behind Blue Eyes

  9. d_bound - Harder Bounce (Original Mix)

    haha def covers all of those genres! HYBRA!!
  10. Claptone - No Eyes (Honkie Remix)

    lol the name on this one x D
  11. DJ Tonka - Show Me The Way (Baseek Remix)

    wasnt expecting the vocal edits at 4:40 WOW
  12. Nick Fierce - Games (Original Mix)

    i love the sample on this, awesome song here
  13. Syntheticsax - Holding On (Original Mix)

    sexy sax man would approve
  14. JedX - Gotta Funk (Original Mix)

    hot hot hot