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  1. L*o*J - Muto

    without hear this, wondering is this is good or bad. we'll see..
  2. Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1

    @Arkaid13 idk what it is about the instrumentation and the simplicity of this music, but i'm really digging it. my favorite is probably 'Better Off (Dying)'. certainly speaks to me in several ways right now..
  3. Lunice - Tha Doorz

    fuggin' bo$$ really the only one i can get down to besides 'mazerati' and 'distrust'
  4. Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1

    hey, my girlfriend says they still feel good not sure the discrepancy, maybe different encoding between countries? i posted before it was released in the US
  5. definitely grew on me all are iTunes m4a 1. Benz Truck https://mixstep.co/oimoo4w49cjm 2. Save That Shit https://mixstep.co/v6sclaoruaqo 3. Awful Things https://mixstep.co/pk25m9hpv365 4. U Said https://mixstep.co/kf59obsnu143 5. Better Off (Dying) https://mixstep.co/bvj1mahfzdba 6. The Brightside https://mixstep.co/1u6tw3c3uy69 7. Problems https://mixstep.co/mjxzwu51p3o7
  6. 1991 - Violet Horizons

  7. ye. Opvs & Andrew Ronck - Small Talk

    ye. all day
  8. um.. - Management Made Us Do It

    banger off Saturated, Vol. 6 https://dbr.ee/3E6I
  9. DROELOE - Jump (feat. Nevve)

  10. Hydraulix & ATLiens - Bounce

    ATL ho
  11. ATLANTIIC - Onevia

    lol weird, been rockin this tune for a while. strange they release it again, hopefully it will get more attention
  12. Nitti Gritti & Jupe - Famous

    dat new new https://mixstep.co/gxywknnnr3kn
  13. Quix - Four Letter Lie

    damn! how'd you land that?
  14. Binks - Redemption

    tanx, was looking 4 dis 1