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  1. Super clean. But so dirty.
  2. Big up for that one, this is an essential tune!
  3. Yoooo I missed the release. Any chance of a re-up? Wow nearly a year ago... I've been out of the scene way too long...
  4. The first time I heard this I thought, "oh no, another piss take Riddim tune that's yet again gone too far and taking the grime away from the original Riddim scene... blah blah blah yadda yadda..." but seriously in the last week I've been listening to it so much and the production skill and variation is sick, so fuck it, I'm gonna say it, this tune will probably become some what of a classic, maybe not as much as Yasuo but it's one of those tracks, if you get what I mean lol. The second drop is definitely a banger. Edit: Don't get me wrong, the original grimier Riddim is still the best. Stuff like the old Obey tunes and well, basically all of the UK Riddim.
  5. Always worth it though, he's probably my second most listened to artist on SoundCloud, right behind Noisia Radio haha.
  6. This shit needs to be shared. Flash player is being a fuckin' little shit lately.
  7. Only just noticed that I put High attack, I dunno why I put that, must've been real blazed. I meant instant attack, my bad.
  8. There's more chance of seeing the Queens tits than getting a 320 of this tune, it's too old and there's too many transcodes & shit floating around from back in the day when only few people knew what they were doing with converters haha. Would like to hear a decent quality version though.
  9. As I said, it peaks at 17-18khz, doesn't sound perfect, far from it in fact, but I never heard a copy of this tune that sounded like it left the DAW in lossless haha.
  10. @Ganjastep Sounds sick man, yeah definitely & cheers means a lot G!
  11. I'm back! This is my newest project and the first tune I have actually finished in quite some time. Been out of the game for probably about a year now, still did a few bits out of the public eye but now I'm back, gonna try to produce quite frequently although I still have to fit it in around work. The more feedback I get (positive or negative) the more motivated I'll be i guess, so feel free to let me know what you think.
  12. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned anything about attack, decay, sustain & release, as that's pretty much all you need for it to work. Open up a synth I'd say a saw wave would be closest, quite a high octave, quite high attack, quite low decay & sustain a little bit extra release not too much & the rest could be done using reverb to make the sound bigger. If you use an LFO not only would you have to create it a different way but you wouldn't have as much freedom with it, unless you put in loads of automation, which can be messy and takes longer, it'd be easier to create it how I said and put in the main notes and then create a duplicate synth with either less or more release or reverb for the faster rolls in between for variety. Disclaimer: this ain't my style of music and I don't really create it myself but that's how I'd do it if I were gonna.
  13. This is Dubstep, especially the second drop.
  14. Re-upped!
  15. Deep/Tech House, Garage or Grime, would fit in any for me.