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  1. Culture Shock - East Block

    i think my fav has to be ohrwurm though
  2. Culture Shock - East Block

    not as good as bunker, but ill take it
  3. LAXX - Signals

    surprisingly fresh
  4. LAXX - Let Em Know

    that middle fingers up tune, HOT DAMN
  5. LAXX - Let Em Know

    finally we know what this 19:30 ID is - and it is FUCKIN BANGIN probably tune of the year here, i call it
  6. Virtual Riot - Show Up (feat. Virus Syndicate)

    only good one from the ep, but oh boy, what a beast
  7. LAXX & Belle Humble - High From It

    i just google them tbh
  8. got this off the internet again, so https://mixstep.co/3btesqeaiw48 what is it with these tunes not being on here yet anyway though?
  9. LAXX & Dion Timmer - Join Me

    oh man, im probably the only one who thinks this is total trash, right?
  10. Herobust - Move Mint VIP

    pretty sure this ones already posted; i remember getting this from here
  11. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    was thinking the same, he prob puts at least one of them on the album
  12. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    got this off the internet, so https://mixstep.co/q7r8ve1tkl32