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  1. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Chibs - The Beast King

    that second drop is also fuckin filth
  2. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Chibs - The Beast King

    nice E: 1:23 and onwards = FUCK ME
  3. Caspa - What's Happening To Me

    they still released two EPs with fresh material and played some big shows together (rampage '16, shambhala), but as soon as rusko was diagnosed with cancer, he quit touring (understandibly). now that he seems to be cancer-free, they will surely be back in a few months with more shows - HOPE SO, because i want to catch them before they end it for good in a few years
  4. Caspa - What's Happening To Me

    well there was and the whole caspa & rusko reunion before they diagnosed cancer, so im pretty sure hes still top of the game?
  5. yeah, thats when it said file is offline. right now its working again, but at the time ive posted my above statement, it didnt work that way
  6. Sandro Silva & Richy George - Second Life

    could also be carnival i guess, but fits in trap just fine
  7. Mikey B - Atari (Original Mix)

    any chance someone got the full thing?
  8. Monxx, Chibs - Lizard Man

    chibs is my man
  9. Jauz - Alpha (LAXX Remix)

    go check out hardcore, global and math and tell me this tune is anywhere near those 3
  10. Zomboy - Rotten (feat. Bok Nero) (Doctor P Remix)

    well doc p is completely irrelevant these days, listen to this tune and go figure why
  11. Oolacile - Human Experience VIP

    perfect as a highlight in a set, but i could seriously never listen to a full ep of his tunes
  12. Jauz - Alpha (LAXX Remix)

    a step back for laxx again, but okay
  13. The Widdler - Rubber Bong (Deciphered Mind Remix)

    this is some serious weight
  14. Zomboy - Saints & Sinners (Eliminate Remix)

    easily the best one