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  1. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    funniest thing is the dodge & fuski track is the only one i actually enjoyed off this album
  2. Spag Heddy - Reheated EP

    the oddprophet remix is mighty sexy, disappointed by gentlemens club tho
  3. MUST DIE! - Forever Digital EP

    cant seem to get into it, seems like some pretty standard must die! tunes to me feels like he completely lost what made him unique
  4. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    was feeling the same when listening to the teaser trailer previewing every song. have to give this a thorough listen before i decide if its good or bad though E: i dont see the appeal of express yourself either, just one recycled bass patch needed for tune of the year? and myro is continuing to blatantly rip off rusko, others, subscape, brown & gammon...
  5. E: just realized its super weird for me to hear this tune solo as i ALWAYS double drop this with rickyxsans remix of lights out, which just fits perfectly...
  6. UNDERyourVAINS - Reptile

    and heres the last tune off my debut EP on CLLV records, another one with my buddy @LEOPOLD STOTCH https://mixstep.co/w6fbl0ymzudy
  7. UNDER - Music Tapes

    another tune off my debut EP on CLLV records https://mixstep.co/6e9o9qidn4tn

    another one off my debut EP on CLLV records, this time a tune i made with my buddy @LEOPOLD STOTCH, enjoy! https://mixstep.co/n02zqyr079l8
  9. UNDER - Transaction

    so this is a special treat maybe a few of you already heard about: i dropped an EP on our very own CLLV label two weeks ago and i havent had the time to upload it on here https://mixstep.co/wqymfhmyzrh9 very excited to get your feedback on this, heres transaction!
  10. New forum layout

    wow fuck me, just realized there is a "thanks"-function again guys, im gonna give out thanks like a madman, so stay put E: loving the new design so far, seems to be running faster as well!
  11. The Decline of CLLV

    @LateNightLeon really admire the work youre putting in, but im almost certain it takes more than hard dedication to get CLLV back up. i just think the one factor that made CLLV work: we could all agree upon dubstep from 2010-2015. there were constant uploads (and i mean, tune after tune, some days there were multiple big tunes coming out), everyday you could come online to find a new banger released. as soon as the dubstep section died out, so did most of CLLV because theres where most of the active members hung out.
  12. The Widdler - New Frontiers

    oh my, what a treat
  13. Producers: Show me your DAW [2017]

    i totally get that and i understand that its possible. im in a situation that i do not see the point in learning new DAWs and their features (where some things might be easier to do compared to FL) because it sure enough means there are other fields where FL is more practical. but if id be someone who hasnt worked with any DAW, i would check out all of them and see which one 'clicks' first with me and THEN dig in and find out how to properly do stuff in it - and dedicate my time to really learning all things in this DAW. best way to do this is to mess around with it and just having fun - also great mindset to keep when familiar with your DAW. i sometimes compare to the likes of videogames for example: it is fun to just mess around and sometimes this messing around out of boredem results in some bass patches or sick drumsets i save for later use.
  14. Producers: Show me your DAW [2017]

    always comes down to your personal preferences. I for example started with FL 7 or 8 after remembering fiddling around with FL 3 before i even thought about properly producing. went on to use 9 and (currently) 11. tried out ableton, couldnt get into the interface and realized its true what they say: the best DAW is the one youre most familiar with. i dont have to think about how to do something, i just do now. THIS is THE most important thing with DAWs. FL is easy to learn and hard to master as they say, something about that "from left to right" approach just seems plausible for me - the state im in now, i dont even have to think where a feature i have not yet used might be, i intuitively click where it is and voila - there it is.
  15. Excision - Virus the Remixes LP

    kept 12 tracks from this, meaning this is straight up fire. dont think i kept more than throwin elbows from the original LP