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  1. Dodge & Fuski - Yeti (Original Mix)

    fuck man this shit kills
  2. ever frequent the old B.net?

  3. Hey, I saw you were lucky enough to snag that Mr. Bill's Samples - Incredible Quality sample pack, I was wondering if you would be willing to re-upload it for me/everyone else? It would be very appreciated!

    Please let me know if/when you've uploaded it!

  4. Foxsky - Rattlesnake (Original Mix)

    thank you for this, i fucking love Foxsky
  5. Terravita - Fuel To The Fire

    terravita really fell off. i miss the avril 14th remix shit.
  6. http://www.gofundme.com/RaiseAwarenessOnTheRoad hey bro, if you could read this, or have the time to please do. I'm doing a non-profit project for suicide awareness, and myself and the few others helping me need as much help as possible. So if you could read this, and message me back and lemme know what you think that would be awesome. Thanks man.
  7. http://www.gofundme.com/RaiseAwarenessOnTheRoad Please read, this isn't spam but this is for a good cause and I wanted you to see it and maybe share it. Suicide affects many people and ruins lives, I'm hoping that you could possibly share this or do something with it that will make it get more views on here. People need to realize that its becoming a worse problem every year, and there is little to no public awareness globally about how bad it really is. Anyways, i'd really appriciate it man. Let me know when you can.
  8. http://www.gofundme.com/RaiseAwarenessOnTheRoad

    Suicide Awareness Project I'm working on with a team of caring, selfless individuals who want to help stop this from tearing apart and ruining so many lives across the world. Please check it out if you've the time. Thank you very much.

  9. Please Look At The Above Comment. Please Read This Story And Help This Cause If You Can. Any Donations Help. Thank You.

  10. Rekoil - 4-Matic VIP

    well you're not in the dubstep section. this clearly says drumstep, so you are fucking stupid. as the great High Rankin once said, Eat A Bag Of Dicks
  11. Bisweed - Tsar Bomba

    so nice
  12. Knuckle Children & Reise - The Battle

  13. want to change it for a project im working on

    so change from foehammer to Mark Zyklonberg. whenever you get the time it would be mucho appriciated :) thanks buddy

  14. hey dude, i was wondering if you would do me a name change?