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  1. Gentlemens Club - Take You Back (Cookie Monsta Remix)

    this fuckin blew me away when i first heard it and now that it's out its blowing me away even more. cookie needs to do stuff like this more often, this is incredible
  2. man i was so sure this was an oddprophet remix, this is super out there for the gc. still a banger
  3. Oolacile - Human Experience VIP

    i loooooooooove this sound design dude, i used to think the same thing as you but the way he manages to structure it and make it sound so uncanny is honestly insane to me. his mixdowns dont fuck around too, homeboy has talent AND a niche to fit into which is a good look
  4. Zomboy - Biterz (Svdden Death Remix)

    acc. to svdden death himself, this is just a rip from his soundcloud lol. spek looks pretty disgusting too but who knows
  5. Haywyre - Insight

    FLAC REUP: https://mixstep.co/std76hynwoft
  6. Haywyre - Everchanging

    FLAC REUP: https://mixstep.co/7sd5e7ejj7zi
  7. Gentlemens Club - High Octane (feat. Watson)

    the only banger that matters
  8. Soltan - Sick (ft. HU$H)

    only the finest bangers outta soltan, love these sounds MP3: https://mixstep.co/ngwmo5rb7hjz
  9. who fuckin knows what genre this is, all i know is this is the best fuckin BF release yet. two legends absolutely killing it MP3: https://mixstep.co/afyq4ruo8cth
  10. Chibs - Selekta

    nah megalodon's nu stuff is great and super interesting. he had an awkward phase but i think his newest stuff (we out remix, death wish remix, etc.) is way more interesting than his riddim stuff
  11. Chibs - Selekta

    agreed, zam and creamo continue to be some of the more interesting and smooth riddim tunes that ive heard. im kinda over the whole deathstep overblown heavy bass thing that lots of these riddim artists have begun to do, i love the direction that artists like london nebel, chibs, murda, aweminus, and definitive have begun to go into because they have some general form of merit and longevity, it seems
  12. YOOKiE & Wooli - Voodoo

    id assume he bought it on beatport then checked the spek lol
  13. lets hope bar9 has an RT release now, this is unreal
  14. Dirt Monkey - Kingpin

    round table has quickly exceeded my expectations with this release, im so happy
  15. Skeptiks - Violate

    https://www.facebook.com/Skeptiks/ they were old ass NSD members for a while, had some of the most creative and iconic dubstep songs in their time. it'd be amazing to hear them make new stuff