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  1. Ivory - The Fight

    ivory has been seriously impressing me lately, quite a fan of this FLAC: https://mixstep.co/9f7zc38g9tc1
  2. Wolfgang Gartner & k?d - Banshee

    wow this one is great, blends newer styles of electro with old styles. didnt think k?d and gartner would mix too well but they really do
  3. Getter - Colorblind

    i fuck with this a lot, cool to see getter doing stuff hes truly happy with
  4. saymyname being saymyname as usual but this song actually goes FUCKING hard
  5. Barely Alive x Virtual Riot x PhaseOne x Myro - Rampage

    cant wait for this EP to drop, the lifecycle song is just amazing
  6. DZZ - Our Pavilion (Original Mix)

  7. LAXX - Let Em Know

    EXACTLYYYYY this whole album rivals the step series of EP's honestly. i feel like he had a bit of an awkward phase during his twitch EP era (not to say that EP isn't great), but this is finally the innovative and out-there LAXX that i love to death
  8. LAXX - Let Em Know

    to be fair, culprate hasn't made a song like this in at least a year. but there's def very heavy old culprate influences in this (and the entire album really) a month into 2018 and LAXX already made NSD release of the year, how wild is that
  9. LAXX - Fiends

    this dude has absolutely no business being this good
  10. LAXX - Let Em Know

    this song is an INSTANT classic, LAXX fuckin snapped this time around
  11. Virtual Riot - Show Up (feat. Virus Syndicate)

    not VR's absolute best song but its damn well the best song off this EP, such a heater
  12. Uber - Seismic Toss

    uber has better songs, but this goes hard. excited for the upcoming ponicz tune offa this MP3: https://mixstep.co/d6iqybk7yc83
  13. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    v excited for this album. i wonder if LAXX is gonna use hardcore, math, and noise as singles for this, even tho all of those songs came out like an entire year ago lol. also hoping we finally get that spicy skism x laxx collab
  14. literally any atom bomb remix is bound to be amazing. this is hard as fuck thanks for the up