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  1. L-Nix - Purple Glitter
  2. Joker - Mad Night

    Wow man, that orchestral outro is incredible... Joker NEVER disappoints. Big up!
  3. Herobust - Move Mint VIP

    That second drop / bpm switch tho!
  4. Kromestar - System Test

    Heard this in a Joker mix forever ago, big up!!!
  5. L-Wiz - Flash

    INSANE tune by the relentless duo, L-Wiz:
  7. L-Wiz - Crystal Eyes
  8. Silkie - Computer Sound

    Brand spanking new Silkie!
  9. Distance - Fiya

    Yeah, his latest Dynamis LP caught me off guard. Really enjoyed it.
  10. Distance - Fiya
  11. Distance - Kingdoms Fall

    Never thought I'd be posting Distance in the Trap section, but wow... This tune is
  12. Gladkill - Flowers for a Funeral

    Closing track from Gladkill's new LP, 'After Death':
  13. ONE4ALL x Galvanix - Poured Up

    Brilliant purple banger, reup request fulfilled by the man himself, Galvanix. This tune is the
  14. The Widdler - Ship Wrecked

    This tune is too dope! Snatched this up yesterday, but didn't get the mp3, so thanks!
  15. Perkulat0r - Jukebox

    Only a month late lol, shoot me a pm next time: