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  1. Fred V & Grafix - Cinematic Party Music

    @kfoo this leaked like over a month ago
  2. Agressor Bunx - Properties of Addition LP

    @▼ØI► It has to be from beatport. Album artwork plus pic of the waveform. The waveforms are only within beatport files... Or am I wrong?
  3. DC Breaks - Different Breed

    @FrnchPAir any info on the limited edition?
  4. Original Sin - Exclusive Dub Selection Vol. 1.

    @mypszi their album got leaked over a month before! It should have come out in september but it got leaked end july / early august, so they rescheduled the release date to august if I remember correctly. Pretty shit moment for them!
  5. DC Breaks - Different Breed

    Anyone got the Limited Edition with bonus tracks and sample pack?
  6. High Maintenance - Keep You Down

    Camo & Krooked - If I Could - Rip Off?
  7. Dimension - In Bleach

    I don't get it. Maybe a few bass sounds are the same to Piano Dark. But this track has a totally different vibe. I don't understand this comparison...
  8. Fourward - Expansion (Deluxe Edition) LP

    You only get 'No Escape' in the exclusive beatport edition... https://www.beatport.com/release/expansion-beatport-edition/1860085
  9. It's out on juno. But due to copyright restrictions I cannot buy it... http://www.junodownload.com/products/chase-status-tom-grennan-all-goes-wrong/3240770-02/
  10. Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix)

    Are there any other platforms besides iTunes, where I can buy this?
  11. Can anyone buy the WAV? I'm not able to buy this my country...
  12. Metrik – LIFE/THRILLS LP

    Anyone has the lossless?
  13. Metrik – LIFE/THRILLS LP

    @Rick Sanchez Probably iTunes
  14. Frankee - Clap Your Hands

    Why are moaning about this? It's his right to play his songs as long as he wants in his sets, maybe without releasing it anyway. It's the same with VIP's. It meant to be a secret DJ weapon. Now, everybody wants the vip version right after the original was released.
  15. REQ: MethLab Sample Packs

    Hi guys, MethLab released two free sample packs a few month ago via their newsletter: - DEMBREAKZNPADSTHO - DATSNARETHO I was wondering if anyone of you guys got the breaks package. I was only able to get the snare samples. I contacted MethLab via Facebook, but no answer. It would be great if someone could send me a download link Greetings