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  1. Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Skrillex Remix)[BD HBT FLIP]

    the 2nd drop is fuckin bonkers
  2. Culprate - Unity Project Part 2

    mfw new Culprate
  3. OZZIE BEATS - Volume 3 (Aqua Edition)

    @keenonDISCO you the real MVP, thanks a bunch <3
  4. OZZIE BEATS - Volume 3 (Aqua Edition)

    lol thats fine homes
  5. OZZIE BEATS - Volume 3 (Aqua Edition)

    @keenonDISCO thx fam, but that's his Colours EP, not Vol. 3
  6. New forum layout

    that makes 2 of us
  7. New forum layout

    shit! then how the hell are we suppossed to post stuff in the hunting grounds?!?!
  8. New forum layout

    Also is it just me or cllv is starting to look more and more like a private tracker? lol
  9. New forum layout

    Agreed, there are a lot of great improvements (thank button how I've missed you), but I have some isses with the layout as well: Major ones: 1. Can we have the top genre sections tab back? It was really convinient and time-saving with the drop-down menus, especially when I'm posting in multiple sections. 2. The search function is really lagging for me atm Nitpicks and suggestions: 1. Why is almost every button icon blue? Not a jab, just wondering, cause unread content was more noticable when it was marked with a green star (a yellow or red star would be the best tho). It probably would be a good idea to apply more eye-grabbing colors to the design and to the buttons especially, cause a blue heart for an icon is just weird imo lol 2. I'm probably the only one, but can we also have the @Insert Nick button back? It was really convinient for me and anyone that wants to mention me in a post 3. In the notifications its really weird when someone likes something I posted, that activity is marked as "reacted to" instead of "liked" 4. On that note, I would still love to see more reaction emojis to all posts 5. Is it time for the 2-3 letter searches to finally become to a thing?
  10. The Decline of CLLV

    cllv wants and WILL live on my friend, its just up to us to keep this amazing community going. Glad to see more people joining that care as much as us oldies do. No matter your rank, rep or posts, cllv will always be open for people that are interested in contributing, sharing and just being active on here. Thats whats making cllv a better place every single day at its core, because just like me and everyone else, we started from square one. Cheers to you and everyone else that is keeping cllv such a great place be .in
  11. Rift - Phobetor (Ecepta Remix)

    @abz94 @Rick Sanchez already posted
  12. Delta Heavy - Gargantua

    this moshpit is gonna be unreal
  13. Krimer - Pop Dat

    at least we still have the deep dubstep section <3
  14. NGHTMRE & Carmada - Embrace (feat. Xavier Dunn)

    Nice change of pace for NGHTMRE