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  1. It's a straight convert from the wav, but it does indeed sound fucking awful. I converted it fresh just now in hopes my pc shat the bed during the first conversion, but nope, same results.. Here's a LAME convert that sounds better, still seeing some peaks, but at least they arent that notecable: https://mixstep.co/cqt1uk6rhjtx You guys can try converting it yourself and I'll update the OP if you get better results
  2. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices

    Fantastic, would love to see more releases under this alias.
  3. were my expectations too high after seeing 3 top-notch producers in the title? probably. 6/10 for me
  4. Bones - NetworkUnknown

    ForceQuit has one of the sickest BONES flows ever, fucking love this EP
  5. max fry x Hanz - roaming

    anytime Hanz's stuff is also top-notch, I've posted his best ones here, you could check em out if u dig this
  6. https://mixstep.co/b8nx5in4hct1
  7. IGLOOGHOST - Zen Champ

  8. IGLOOGHOST - White Gum

  9. https://mixstep.co/55uiz7dsb9qp
  10. IGLOOGHOST - Solar Blade

    "insane" is an understatement~ https://mixstep.co/bp1adn6rrs68
  11. IGLOOGHOST - Purity Shards

  12. IGLOOGHOST - Peanut Choker

  13. IGLOOGHOST - Pale Eyes

  14. IGLOOGHOST - Göd Grid

    yoooooooo~ https://mixstep.co/by3lr5jhs3t8
  15. IGLOOGHOST - Bug Thief

    its time~ https://mixstep.co/eck5z76jzrsw