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  1. Nu Disco/Indie Dance
  2. great track, sounds more like future garage tho
  3. @Rick Sanchez yes, but we both know the feature in this case is the only salvageable aspect, since Zomboy is one of the most stagnant producers in the game rn
  4. @apocolyps755 *sounds like any other Zomboy track
  5. Should be the album title instead lmao
  6. @Robotnik finally a good vocal on the album
  7. @Robotnik Ahh I c and yea, some of his recent tunes have been kinda lackluster exactly because of that reason, but then again, he hasn't made a single bad tuna yet. *disappointed glance at Mura as he's drowning in cash*
  8. Unfortunately I can't really share this sentiment, since to me this particular muddiness gives the track even more of a perfect retro-nostalgia-bliss emotions that the main synths and harmonies illustrate. To me this imperfection/flaw (arguably), makes this tune feel even more "human", as ironic as that might sound. One of his best ones for me, regardless if its kinda flawed from a sound design standpoint. My 2 cents anyway lol
  9. @Formality yeah, that's the other section I was contemplating
  10. @Rick Sanchez lmao I know bruv, but that's how they came packaged even worse, every tune on the album had the same name "poring⑇ & s̵e̷t̵t̵o̶n̷.̸.̸.̶ - ㅤㅤblank", so I was forced to assign a number at the end to each of em
  11. @apocolyps755 thanks to the Caspa presets lol
  12. @SuperX already posted
  13. @Ganjastep @Meatwad Here's a 320 as a placeholder: https://mixstep.co/28476aer463t now that I've looked through my hd, I found my lossless fabriclive 37 copy from back in the day and as expected, Rock Bottom is castrated to a 3:22m abysmal mixcut... god damn it
  14. Love this guitarwork
  15. House m9