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  1. Joker - Melkweg Bass

    I know for a fact he played there once, since i missed it xD. And it has been big on all genres dub in the past
  2. Joker - Melkweg Bass

    I'm guessing this is a reference to the dutch club? I don't think Joker would know about it meaning the milky way in dutch since he's from the uk
  3. Excision - Rave Thing (Crizzly Remix)

    @Rick Sanchez hmm I think BPM > drum pattern on this one. I'll go for drumstep. It mixes as such. But as mentioned by @apocolyps755, this is basically sped up dubstep
  4. Soltan - Sahara

    a bit hectic but great flair as usual from soltan
  6. FWLR & Twistex - Up Top A lot of genre transitions in this one, but since it starts and ends on the same note I'd thought I'd put it here.
  7. FWLR & Twistex - Talk to me
  8. Dirt Monkey - Blow Up The Spot

    tlaatste en ni al te veel jobs in limburg int algm
  9. Dirt Monkey - Blow Up The Spot

    kinda the opposite. jobless again. time of the year i guess ( jobstudenten momenteel plus interimjobs bah :s)
  10. Dirt Monkey - Blow Up The Spot

    same place but just haven't been much on the interwebz. Caretaking and work took up pretty much all my energy. Also laptop got busted, luckilly able to fix it with old parts, but now its basically a downgraded laptop
  11. Dirt Monkey - Blow Up The Spot

    will do haven't been active a good while and just quickly posted.
  12. Dirt Monkey - Blow Up The Spot

    Electro house?
  13. Code: Pandorum - Cthulhu (God Complex VIP)

    Savage VIP, kinda got an old skool Bong feel to it.
  14. Moksi & Chace - Set Me Free

    not really just a quiet master? spek looks fine

    Cazz is so on point lately. Big ups !!