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  1. Virtual Riot - Shindeiru

    Just wondering. It's a good tune either way
  2. Virtual Riot - Shindeiru

  3. Danny Brown - Lie4 (SHADES Remix)

    I could've guessed. thx for the info
  4. Danny Brown - Lie4 (SHADES Remix)

    @metaphor Isn't the title supposed to be 'Danny Brown - Lie4 - Shades (Alix Perez & Eprom Remix)'? Just confused by the soundcloud page ^^
  5. Oh man Please tell me there is an instrumental of this. The vocals are just too "girly" for me, but that beat is on fire !
  6. Egzod & Anna Yvette - My City

    Katy Perry is that you?!
  7. Thanks for being "that guy" ;)

  8. Just A Gent - 404

    How is the comment section not going wild over this tune yet? This is one of the best hybrid I've ever heard !! That 1:36 min mark ... And in WAV nonetheless !! Bless you son Goku-san ^^
  9. Great OST. Altough some dude did start an argument with me about why there are too much black artists on the OST of a movie about Black Panther. Too many snowflakes left, I thought winter had passed allready
  10. Joe Ford - Where Is The Sun

    Big one. Heard this on Noisia Radio as the opener. The pitch glides on this one really kill it
  11. Michael White - Moves (Original Mix)

    Right from the start it's electro house. But I get the confusion a bit. It's contemporary and future is put on everything as a label nowadays ^^
  12. FWLR & Twistex - Big Bang

    This is free ... Don't see why you should react to a good mp3 copy with a sad smiley and a post really... If you want flac, go get it. https://twistex.bandcamp.com/album/without-borders And besides, you can always contribute yourself. Get some more posts and reputation. Please don't go bossing around people.
  13. Opiuo - Ginger Lizard (Original Mix)

    This is so funking good !
  14. Aweminus - Thot Eliminated

    I have a vague idea. It's like layering samples but with one snare sample, with lot's of minor panning and stereoshaping on each sample AFTER they come out the main "Snare channel/bus/whatever you wanna call it" with all the compression and equalizing magic.
  15. Getter - Colorblind

    This is very creative. Like I didn't know Getter could pull shit like this off, but oh my when he does eventually ^^ !!