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  1. Diplo & Autoerotique – Waist Time

    pretty hard tune for diplo :p, but then again he does rely on the collaborating artist ^^
  2. 2:20 and onwards is amazing!
  3. Caspa - Ice Cold (Original Mix)

    It's Caspa, don't get your hopes up. As far as I know he allways "shelved". I think its cuz he does his own masters? edit* Also; best track of the ep. Only lacking in percussion. Bassy banger, I fuck with this ^^, even if the snare sounds like shit in 2017 2nd edit* why does this end before the song metric? It ends so abbruptly?
  4. Caspa - What's Happening To Me

    so fucking close to a fucking banger of an ep. I'm just lacking something. Maybe sound design is lacking, i just dunno. Solid 8/10 release though. But i just want Caspa to get back on top of the game though
  5. Icicle & Mefjus - Efficient

    Also don't forget Icicle is starting his own label named 'entropy'. I've been fortunate enough to get word of the first 5 or so releases. Brace yourselves, we are in for a treat ;). I believe the first track can be heard on the latest episode of noisia radio ^^. I'm not sure but if he has a dummy account hereso ..., Jeroen cllv loves you bro ;p edit, i'm a fucking retard. this is on entropy lol
  6. Kursa - GTFU

    @Walter Wonkite I know this is a legit copy, but the filesize is so small. I know Kursa is a very precise "master" ( as in the one who does the master ) but this is really small. Just out of interest, how do you get to such a small filesize without compromising sound and quality? Does anyone know? I've made track this short myself. But I've noticed that per average one minute of sound equals around roughly 4 mb? How does Kursa pull this off?
  7. Kursa - Smashy

    Kursa allways brings the funk. Man this dude is a living legend
  8. Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    hmm so leave the tune in this section ?
  9. Mr. Carmack - More Lemons

    wait a minute. Rihanna?
  10. Jauz - Alpha (LAXX Remix)

    I just wanna say I really dig this song structure. It kinda shows effort was put in this to try and stand out. I foresee a new influx of good LAXX tunes, well hopefully
  11. Fort Arkansas - Joy & Comfort

    nice balkan vibes ^^
  12. UZ & Stööki Sound - Bang (Teddy Killerz Remix)

    yup I'd say so. But not a very creative one imo. Kinda boring drums
  13. Zomboy - Biterz (Svdden Death Remix)

    One of a few "new school" riddim hybrids I actually enjoy. Freaky mixdown ^^. Thx !
  14. Throttle - Baddest Behaviour (Timmy Trumpet Remix)

    And that's a good example why being a producer doesn't automatically make you a dj
  15. Throttle - Baddest Behaviour (Timmy Trumpet Remix)

    What did he do?