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  1. Mantis ft. Crichy Crich - Mobbin' (Original Mix)

    Thank you Richard.
  2. Mantis - You Know What We About (Original Mix)

  3. Trampa & Trollphace - Headbang Gang (Zhalo Bootleg)

    That sword *ting* though... sick.
  4. JuJu - Bad Boy Riddim

  5. Mt Eden - Sierra Leone (TWOOWLS Remix)

    Like this a lot, thanks for sharing.
  6. Bad - Mad $hitt

    Sick intro, did not enjoy after the drop
  7. Control - Kenny Powers

    Old banger, don't see it on here. https://mixstep.co/uu03xtgx8ag0
  8. Mighty Duck - Higher

    Really liking the sound of this one, thanks!
  9. Bukez Finezt - False Friends (Original Mix)

    This is really coo
  10. Phiso - Jotaro (Mantis Bootleg)

    Mantis... you dawwwwwgs
  11. Deco & Mesck - Clear Depth (Mershak Remix)

    Just wicked. Original was amazing, but this has caught my ear.
  12. Juss B - Resurrection

    This is what I was looking for today. Deep. Beautiful.
  13. Subfiltronik - Blockz (Kyntaro 'Psycho' Edit)

    This one didn't quite grab me like that last remix you uploaded, but still so awesome you broke down the whole mix. I find that stuff pretty interesting to see the parts that make up the whole. Thanks for the upload!
  14. Madcore - Shaman (Kyntaro Remix)

    Highly digging this one as well, thanks for sharing!
  15. Yo do you still have D Double E's "Pumpin' It Out EP"?