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  1. Ape Drums - Deva (Original Mix)

  2. Chime - Wait For Me (Tryple Remix)

    fwkn a
  3. Claude VonStroke - Barrump

    hook a friendly up? Dirtybird taking over sf!
  4. Resonate - Bomb Squad

  5. Loadstar - Diamonds

    i cant get enough of this track. many thanks m8
  6. Kove - Gorge

    That Synth reminds me from Revenge of The Nerds..
  7. Vowel & Razat - Hybrid

  8. Monty - Late Night Witness

    Ivy Lab i think really made this genre pop up during their tour. i got a chance to see them at 1015 folsom in SF last month or two months ago. i cnt wait to hear whats next
  9. Monty - Late Night Witness

    half-time seems to be picking up popularity. deff still a genre in the works. not that much of it out there yet but all stuff Monty has produced has been Lit AF.
  10. QBig & Zenith-Opposite

  11. Monty-A Flash Of Luck

    happy fuck day everyone https://mixstep.co/wzyouvx1ru0a
  12. Dimension - Whip Slap (Patient Halftime Edit)

    speks looks good too
  13. yunis & Subp Yao - Message ( SMKSGNLS remix )

    sic af. i might like this more then the original
  14. Monty - Late Night Witness

  15. Seppa - Get Burned

    the samples they use are amazing but the tracks are all over the place. seppa got that balance on his one