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  2. J.I.D - The Never Story

    wow thank you.. cant believe its only got 7 DLs. what a great record
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  6. Hi I'm Ghost - Uh-Oh (Original Mix)

    This is trap. I love it though, thanks man.
  9. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    funniest thing is the dodge & fuski track is the only one i actually enjoyed off this album
  10. Mallone - The Holy Mountain

  11. 320
  12. Malvito - Mirage (Conforce Remix)

  13. Malvito - Origin

  14. Nico Motte - Rheologia

  15. BloodThinnerz & D-Jahsta - Ressurect

    Can anyone tell me what this is all about? Is Fresh Blood a sub-label of Buygore? Or a promo page? I thought Fresh Blood was just the name of an EP series of Buygore?
  16. Rampage - Blokpass Filterlorg

    when is this ever gonna stop
  17. Getter - Wat the Frick

  18. Rump$tep - Hack Frauds EP

    Here is a re-up Also just got around to listening to this. AMAZING! This is honestly one of the best releases I've heard in awhile, 5 star all the way through. Creative, exciting, fun. Thanks for this @anonpyro and @Rhygar! @anonpyro are you part of Rump$tep too?
  19. Do you produce?

    Man I'm excited to see a fresh face who is eager to revive these production threads. Its nice. We should absolutely get this back to where it used to be. I used to always come here first to show off my new stuff. I have produced on and off for the last 6 years. This year I have started to take things in a new direction and started studying more seriously. I've also started diving into music theory and books on the subject. Always down to make friends with other producers! I think like minds sticking together will help each other grow.
  20. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    their newest EP is pretty good actually, because fuski came back and helped with it. it's pretty fresh and interesting for a disciple release, and it spawned some of the coolest remixes as well. sucks that dodge is a dickhead and cant produce on his own
  21. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    Yeah, sorry edited that. Dodge & Fuski are awful now, haven't liked anything from them in years. I skip over their tracks now.
  22. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    dodge & fuski lol. excalibur is prolly my least fav off the album, it just sounds cheesy and lame
  23. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    D&F? Dodge & Fuski? They have been terrible for awhile now.
  24. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    "rip off" isnt the word id use, its more like no artists are doing that style anymore so he's doing it himself now. i never saw a problem with it as long as the music sounds good, if anything D&F made the shittier 2011-styled track
  25. Macklemore – GEMINI

    M4A [iT].zip
  26. M4A - EP [iT].zip
  27. M4A - YM - EP [iT].zip
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