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  2. Cazztek - The Power

    I believe he was asking for a piece of your Kit Kit bar
  3. https://mixstep.co/y0cm9fiuv8d7
  4. https://mixstep.co/f9654l6lsgqg
  5. https://mixstep.co/q7pl6rhr6fks
  6. Joon Jukx - Fire Flies

  7. https://mixstep.co/n1be2m24qdft
  8. Today
  9. https://cloudsany.com/9xzdsaim22t3
  10. Zomboy - Rotten (feat. Bok Nero) (Doctor P Remix)

    Seems to me that Zomboy's Remixers are staying within the lines of his original sound. Don't understand why. Maybe it's the record label saying what sound they want to release.
  11. Frybread Power - Fubu

  12. Dez ft.Turno - Mr Kali

    Fire! and deff. not jungle or ragga
  13. The Sweet - Fox on the Run

    You're very welcome @Xplosiv
  14. Diplo & Autoerotique – Waist Time

    He prob made the track and payed to have Diplo's name slapped on it.
  15. Diplo & Autoerotique – Waist Time

    pretty hard tune for diplo :p, but then again he does rely on the collaborating artist ^^
  16. Shrust - Strogg

    Dark Rolla.... love a bit of Shrust!!
  17. Dez ft.Turno - Mr Kali

    How do I delete the post?
  18. https://mixstep.co/vqla8n5envwt
  19. DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

    https://www.beatport.com/track/x-gon-give-it-to-ya-original-mix/1762737 https://mixstep.co/rbptv2ozu9q5 Converted from the .flac https://mixstep.co/zv2d7clmbx3q
  20. https://www.beatport.com/track/wonder-years-feat-adam-mcinnis-extended-mix/9804865 https://mixstep.co/ip1woiumtf5l
  21. Matisse & Sadko - Azonto (Original Mix)

    I'm sorry, but I can't find this anymore.. Seems like I deleted this a while back when cleaning up my stuff
  22. Logic Pro? Or what was it that U were using?
  23. Mine are better than the iTunes conversion
  24. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Radio Edit)

  25. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)

  26. Avicii & Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up

  27. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Radio Edit)

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