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      Clip #3 from 250 Followers EP!   03/23/2017

      Thirsty for fresh tunes? Quench your thirst on this Thirsty Thursday with a fresh clip from our 250 Followers EP!     Free @ 250 Soundcloud Followers!   If you haven't already give us a Follow!   If you missed any clips here is the playlist: https://soundcloud.com/cllv-records/sets/cllv-records-250-followers-ep  

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  2. Mp3 320 Size: 11.2 mb https://mixstep.co/qqc1e0x9elig
  3. Yesterday
  4. https://mixstep.co/z9i6hziho7ni
  5. gotcha! Thanks a lot bro
  6. VIBES
  7. Goldie - Prism https://mixstep.co/gnu1tntvz7by
  8. oy, forgot all about this one
  9. The FEELS!!!!! ty for this!
  10. https://mixstep.co/6oqme37ncco3
  11. https://mixstep.co/4wyylq95p8w2
  12. y u have to (DOT) tho
  13. http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/ESkAojvr/file.html
  14. http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/WR9ChaOi/file.html
  15. http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/VZjtV0IQ/file.html
  16. Here you can find a mp3 version, but as you can see m4a version looks better quality despite it's lower bitrate.. And I have to say for everyone of you who are "moaning" about better quality that any tunes coming from these guys are a gift for us even if it's only m4a someone has paid for it and you haven't! Be respectful to each others or grab your debit card and show us how to buy a WAV! https://mixstep.co/z6obyequz5kf
  17. I haven't seen it here but now we can! https://mixstep.co/jsr1td3m4ptb
  18. https://mixstep.co/qrcoycyg3nnt
  19. You have the chance ;-) It's still there...
  20. re up??? please
  21. Oooh, mate! I won't convert!!! Thanks a lot!
  22. holy shit...
  23. @Ganjastep Here you go broheim - the official FLAC: https://mixstep.co/1fttdhl73m8y EDIT: Here's the other track too if anyone wants it https://mixstep.co/2d4up2s0kr2f
  25. http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/CbqGVkuF/file.html
  26. https://mixstep.co/9t2il0t8c9p8 Classic...
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