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  2. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    I can show a whole lot halftime tunes with similar synths... It's not because i'd make a D&B tune with FB synths it makes it FB...
  3. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    for 1991, this is generic af. its a dnb build to a future bass drop/section coincidentally 174/87 bpm
  4. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    Meh, drum's=halftime, but the synths are so future bassy that it fits better here
  5. Sqz Me - Fetiche

    Future house imo
  6. Keeno - Jungle Ballet

    BIG UPS!!
  7. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Chibs - The Beast King

    nice E: 1:23 and onwards = FUCK ME
  8. KYLI - Loose You (Ivory Remix)

  9. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Brain Sludge

  10. https://mixstep.co/af5z1ev0pklo
  11. https://mixstep.co/53jyamcwd4o5
  12. https://mixstep.co/7003gbhjzryw
  13. https://mixstep.co/8kwoeqw1ac6n
  14. THE CONCEPT OF ENERGY - LIFE AIN'T SWEET [prod. by Robbero] http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/0Bhgfmse/file.html
  15. Sqz Me - The Swamp

    uk bass?
  16. Sqz Me - Rocky Loop

  17. Flaxdubz & Suspentz - Zero G

  18. Kove - Ain't No Love

  19. Thank you, such a sick track, went off at the Dirtybird Campout.
  20. https://mixstep.co/z5pibl4udlr1 https://mixstep.co/0gb6ik3t0abo
  21. Caspa - What's Happening To Me

    woooaaahhhh, never heard about the rusko/cancer duo wtf. So glad he's ok now!!!! I'm gonna keep him in my prayers for sure!! Thanks!
  22. btw I wasn't sure what to tag it as since this was the name of the file when I downloaded it, but the artwork says otherwise...
  23. Caspa - What's Happening To Me

    they still released two EPs with fresh material and played some big shows together (rampage '16, shambhala), but as soon as rusko was diagnosed with cancer, he quit touring (understandibly). now that he seems to be cancer-free, they will surely be back in a few months with more shows - HOPE SO, because i want to catch them before they end it for good in a few years
  24. Jon Casey - Jamurai

    https://mixstep.co/r2e98un8suij Maybe more Hybrid Trap....
  25. Carlos A - Everything But The Girl (Tribute)

    MM MM MM MM loving the simplicity..
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