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  1. Hello all. Just thought I'd share a moment with you. Don't know if it would be of any great interest but its a story none the less. In November of 2016 I received a very strange invite.

    "Come into my office" Stated the stern sounding dance teacher at the school.

    "I've just had a call from the Britains got talent producers.."

    "Yes" was my curious reply.

    "Well, after that last audition they have said that your crew (As in street dance crew" and the two kids crews are not going any further".

    This was particularly in shocking due to the fact that despite my group of parents whom had formed a dance crew some 16 months earlier - and were now an award winning crew - seemed to be in some pretty good company at the auditions 2 weeks previously.

    "Well that was nice of them. We had fun anyway" was my masked reply.

    "Well, they want me to select a few of you and a few of the kids and mix the crews together. But they want a video for this tonight!"

    "IT took me months to learn that old routine anyway. Who's the lucky few"


    So there we were a few shocked parents (4 to be precise); two of my 3 children (Eldest lad - the more talented - looked too old!); our dance teacher and 3 minutes of filming crammed from 1 hours practice of a street battle between parents and kids.................

    As they now audition in front of the live judges; we still await in earnest of the replies from the shows elite. Will this journey continue well into the Winter evenings entertainment, or will it be back with the trust old S8 in the lounge for 60 minutes of pulsating drumstep and a cup of tea.



    IF you want to see a sample of our skills Look up Never Too Old + BDO in youtube for further evidence.

  2. It was a different time and one filled with the horrors of struggle in Jamestown, Virginia during the harsh winter of 1609-1610.

    It may not be a subject that many like to discuss however it is one of importance; a lesson of survival.
    In Jamestown, Virginia colonists not only devoured human flesh they became so intent on living that they stooped to consuming stool.

    Think about it...

    While there were people murdering their loved ones and consuming their warm interiors for survival there were others who decided that their own shit was a good enough food source.

    Little good that did for them though, only about 60 survived the winter out of 500.
    That is a little over an 8% survival rate.

    Many died of the cold,
    Many starved to death,
    Many were killed to be consumed by those around them.
    (and they dug up dead people to eat and they also ate those who were sick and those who could not take care of themselves)

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